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Curing Mail in Ballots in Texas: What You Need to Know

Ballot curing is the method of fixing problems with your mail-in ballot to make sure that your vote is counted. In this blog post, we'll go over the process for curing your ballot.

How Long Do I have to Cure my Ballot?

In Texas, the deadline to cure a defective ballot depends on the curing options a county provides to its voters.

Will I Be Notified that there was a Problem with my Mail in Ballot?

If there is a problem with your mail-in ballot, you may, depending on how close to the election the problem is discovered, receive a notice that provides you with the reason that your mail-in ballot was rejected. You might also receive your original mail-in ballot back in the mail. You should keep checking the online Mail Ballot Tracker until it confirms your ballot was accepted, and follow up with the county elections office immediately if there seems to be a problem.

What Kinds of Problems Can I Cure?

  1. You forgot to sign your mail in ballot

  2. The Identification number on your ballot carrier envelope doesn’t match the Identification number on file with the county elections office

  3. The signature on the outside envelope does not match the signature on your voter registration form

How Do I Cure my Ballot?

This depends on whether or not you received your voted mail-in ballot in the mail from your county’s Elections Office.

  1. If you did get your mail-in ballot mailed back to you, then you can:

  2. Vote in Person through Election Day-  Just make sure to bring your returned mail-in ballot to the polling location with you and let the poll workers know, OR

  3. You can make the required correction on your ballot envelope and then return it by mail to your county’s Elections Office and make sure they receive it by 7pm on Election Day.  Or you can return it to the Elections Office in person on Election Day.

  4. If you did NOT get your mail-in ballot mailed back to you, then you can:

  5. Use the Mail Ballot Tracker- If your mail-in ballot was rejected because you didn’t provide your ID number or the last four digits of your SSN, or the number you provided could not be verified, then you can correct the problem until 6 calendar days after Election Day at this website.

  6. You can vote in person through Election Day-  You should let the poll worker know what happened, and then you will cast a provisional ballot that will be counted only if your mail-in ballot is not counted. 

  7. You also may be able to fix the problem in person at your county elections office within 6 calendar days after Election Day. Call your county elections office to make sure they offer this cure option.

If you still have questions regarding your mail in ballot, or anything election related, call our Election Protection Hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE! We're here to help.


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