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TCRP's Priorities at the 88th Texas Legislative Session This Year

The 88th Texas Legislative Session began this month, and we’ve already seen over 2,000 bills filed by lawmakers. Our state leaders are clear about their priorities: expand state spending on border militarization, increasing criminal penalties throughout the election process, and reducing the power of local communities to direct their law enforcement priorities.

On the other hand, here at the Texas Civil Rights Project we are committed to bringing the fight for a fair and just Texas to the Capitol.

Our priorities for the 88th legislative session:

Beyond Borders

  1. Resist the codification and expansion of Operation Lone Star

  2. Empower key partners with expert analysis on any proposed anti-immigrant legislation

  3. Fight against Texas’s state-wide anti-immigrant priorities

Criminal Injustice

  1. Reform cash-based bail to save money & improve safety

  2. Reduce reliance on large statewide Texas Juvenile Justice Department facilities

  3. Reduce the criminalization of young children for minor offenses

  4. Protect the rights of local communities to direct their law enforcement priorities

  5. Reform TDCJ by reducing reliance on solitary confinement & improving access to air conditioning, medical care and compassionate release

  6. Stop stripping Texans of their right to vote over nonpayment of fines

Voting Rights

  1. Advocating for modernizing elections and expanding access to the polls

  2. Fighting for a fair redistricting process

  3. Curbing anti-voter bills that would criminalize elections offense and increase intimidation at the polls

As the legislative session progresses, your participation will be critical.

Join our legislative work by signing up here. Together, we’ll fight for a better Texas.


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