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88th Texas Lege Action Hub Now Live

The 88th Texas Legislative Session is in full swing!

My name is Wasiq Javed, and I’m the Legislative Coordinator here at TCRP. During this Legislative Session, I am supporting our three programs as we push forward good bills that advance civil rights, and work to defeat bad bills that target marginalized communities.

I’ve had the honor to work as a staffer at the Texas Legislature in a previous session, and while it was an empowering experience to learn the inner workings of our state government, I also witnessed first-hand some of the injustices of the Texas Legislature.

The legislature only meets once every two years, and for a short time frame of about five months. The dates for hearings to consider bills can be announced with as short as one day's notice in the Senate, and five days' notice in the House. This creates a fast-paced system that is difficult for everyday, working class Texans to keep up with and get involved in.

That’s why here at TCRP, I am tasked with staying abreast on all of the relevant developments on voting rights, immigration, and criminal injustice at the Texas Legislature.

Wasiq Javed, TCRP Legislative Coordinator, delivering Lege 101 training to our partner Pure Justice.

With this insight, I coordinate with our attorneys and advocates to execute our legislative strategy and ensure that you are informed on the latest events at the legislature and how they will affect you and your communities.

Now, I’m excited to announce the launch of our 88th Texas Lege Action Hub, an all-in-one hub for all things Texas Lege this session from TCRP!

Over the past few months, I have worked with my colleagues on the TCRP Lege Team to curate impactful resources for this webpage, like our Lege 101 training, a glossary of legislative terms, breakdowns of the critical bills we’re watching this session, and more.

Preview of TCRP’s 2023 Texas Lege Action Hub

While we are doing everything we can to defend Texans’ civil rights this session, we need your voice.

I invite you to visit our Lege Action Hub and sign up for our email updates that include action alerts and opportunities to contact your representative to voice your support or disapproval of critical bills. 

If you believe civil rights are non-negotiable, now is the time to make yourself heard.

Head over to our new Texas Lege Action Hub for everything you need to get plugged in to the action this legislative session! 


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