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TCRP’s Texas Legislative Session 101 Training Webinar

If you missed our live webinar where we explained how the Texas Legislative Session works and how you can get involved, you can now watch the recording! Tune in to learn how you can get involved in advocacy efforts this session and make your voice heard at the legislative level.

TCRP's Lege 101 Training Recording

During this legislative session, the Texas Civil Rights Project wants to show Texans how they can use their democratic rights at the legislative level.

In this webinar, we bring the deep expertise of our advocates from our Criminal Injustice Reform, Beyond Borders, and Voting Rights programs to show you how the Texas legislature works and how you can participate to advocate for your interests during this session.

As the legislative session progresses, your participation will be critical. Join our legislative work by signing up here. Together, we’ll fight for a better Texas!


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